Butterfly "Affect"

Busted. Yes, I hired out for this capture. Even my technological skills are not adequate for doing such highly advanced, time lapse photography.

Those of you with botanical knowledge may recognize the subject of these pictures is the increasingly popular “Butterfly Bush.” I’ll explain, briefly, as is my custom, the purpose for having these beautiful images as the heading for today’s blog.

I’ve become increasingly aware of the limited appreciation by the viewers of my artwork, for the amount of time and effort each piece requires. If I could’ve afforded it, I’d have had a time lapse video made of the making of my most recent piece. From start to finish, it took over 300 hours to complete. Wouldn’t that be exciting footage? I’d probably have my frequent trips to the kitchen edited out. Because I have a LITTLE bit of pride left. I’d most likely also not include my “no handed popcorn eating” performance in the film. I WOULD, however, include the pencil SHARPENING footage to give an element of high energy to the movie. In the bloopers that would accompany the credits, I’d share some of my more intriguing erasing moments as a bonus.

You’re wondering about the butterfly bushes, so I’m on it. A drawing such as my most recent piece can necessitate LOTS of advance planning. Sensing I’d one day need photo sources of a variety of butterflies, I planted a couple of butterfly bushes in my backyard several years ago. Carefully cultivating this temperamental foliage became a labor of love for me. After years of nurture, the plant was ready to live up to its nickname. My heart skipped a beat as I witnessed the multicolored monarch meandering toward the meticulously manicured bush. So excited was I, that I almost forgot to capture my fluttering friend with my camera.

I’ll soon be unveiling my most recent, butterfly-infested piece through a variety of channels. Stay tuned!