It was "Late in the Evening"*


* to be “read” to the tune, “Late In The Evening,” by Paul Simon


First thing I remember

I woke up in my bed

It couldn’t have been more

Than one or two


I remember a small suitcase

Sitting at the gate next door

At first I didn’t know

Who it belonged to


It was owned by Paul Simon

No, this dream is far from through


The next thing I remember

I am walking down the concourse

I’m feeling all right,

I’m with my boy,

I’ve got to move, yeah


And down along the concourse

Passengers were on the move

And I heard the sound of Mr. Simon’s croon, yeah

Singing there in the airport

So I headed toward his stool, yeah


I said “I love your latest tune”

And fumbled for another line

He stepped right up to bail me out in kind

He shared “The album’s not in stores

And here’s the tragic reason why

It doesn’t have a cover, no artist has come through”


It was late in the evening

Paul Simon blew my mind away


Next thing I remember

I was telling him my craft

I said “I’m gonna do that piece

No matter what I do”


Well I guess I made him confident

 And once or twice I looked toward the floor

But I never had a dream

Like this come true

And it was late in the evening

And my dream is finally through.


Yes, I dreamt I met Paul Simon in an airport and discussed illustrating his new album cover. I can often interpret my dreams at least at some level, but no luck with this one. I did have fun trying to put the story into the framework of one of my favorite of his tunes.

I hope a few of you sang along!