I’m so tickled and humbled by the rapid growth of the number of people reading my blogs that I just HAD to show my appreciation. I decided to open my vault and reveal the recipe I’ve crafted over the past 12 years to my readership. This is a time sensitive revelation, as it requires the acquisition of wild blackcap raspberries while in season. So don’t delay.

Step #1. Be sure to have a substantial amount of 2% white milk on hand. Refrigeration required. Do NOT use if lumpy.

Step #2. Purchase two boxes of Rice Chex. Off brands not acceptable, but Corn Chex are an appropriate substitution.

Step #3. Inspect ceramic cereal bowls and spoons for cleanliness.

Step #4 is even trickier than #1-3, and involves a uniform.

-Find those blue jeans you’ve tucked away until autumn and put them on AFTER pulling a pair of socks over your feet. Socks should be the type that reach beyond your calves to increase protective value. A long sleeve tee shirt and the shoes you wear for lawn mowing will complete your ensemble. You’ll no doubt want to pause to take a selfie at this point.

Step #5. Take a small pail and venture into the great outdoors seeking wild, blackcap raspberries. If you’re fortunate enough to have these growing on your own property, your job will become easier, and will reduce the odds of a brush with the law.

It's now time to begin picking. Large, dark berries are those that are ready to harvest. Lightly pinch each berry before removing from the bush. If the berry puts up a fight, let go, as it's politely telling you to “Come back tomorrow.”

Many of the best berries will require climbing into the foliage. This is where your uniform becomes significant. Your sleeves will protect you from plants of the poisonous variety AND reduce the depth into your flesh that the raspberry prickers will invade. Should you become entangled in the prickers, do NOT panic. Simply turn your body in the opposite direction the tangling produced. If skin is perforated as a result, simply smile, and remind yourself of the upcoming reward for your efforts.

Once your bucket is filled, it is time to return to your abode.

Step #6. Rinse all berries, remove stems and any bugs that came along for the ride.

Step #7. Cover the bottom of your cereal bowl with berries, followed by a layer of Rice Chex. Next, a dense layer of berries should conceal the Chex, followed by a second cereal layer and finally a pile of berries to top it off.

If you’re confident you’ll not be interrupted by family members, a dog that needs to be let outside, or a Fedex delivery, you may now add your non-chunky milk. I like to pour just enough milk into the bowl to moisten (lovely word) the cereal, but not submerge the top layer of berries.

Step #8. Wait until you’re done smiling, and carefully slide your spoon into the bowl. Dip deep enough to obtain at least a couple of cereal bits, so as to add the intoxicating crunch to your first bite. Repeat until bowl is empty.

Please do not try this recipe without adult supervision and ENJOY!