The most wonderful time of the year -- day or night

Before pontificating on the merits of spring, let’s take a moment to absorb the beauty of my landscaping masterpiece.

Because this picture is taken at night, one can enjoy the rich, deep shades of gray provided by my skillfully sealed black top. You can hardly tell I used a cheap product from Menard’s. Or, that I didn’t mix together ALL of the 5-gallon cans to provide for a consistent hue, OR that it rained soon after the sealant was applied. The forecast contained no mention of any precipitation, for the record; yet there I was, mere minutes after completing the application, standing in centerfield, ready to spring in any direction to run down a softball for the benefit of my team, when I felt a drop or two. As luck would have it, the occasional drip crescendoed into a lovely downpour. I live just 3 miles from the softball field, so I was fairly certain the effort and expense I put in to protecting my lengthy driveway were in vain. Thus, the benefit of taking this photo at night.

A 5” concrete border separates the rich blacktop from the carefully placed (by a professional, not the current homeowner) brick mosaic that leads to my front door. But let’s not jump so hastily to the front door. Beautifully and lovingly positioned around the perimeter of the foliage is a rectangular shape made up of field stones of various shapes, sizes and colors. I made it look easy.

Nestled inside, and occasionally creeping over the fieldstones, is a bed of myrtle. Fun fact, myrtle is my favorite ground cover. I’m guessing many guys don’t have a favorite. Myrtle is fairly forgiving, doesn’t climb siding or trees, produces bright little purple flowers in the spring, and multiplies for FREE!

Of course, the fieldstone is merely the frame, and the myrtle a matte, for the 8’ Weeping Cherry tree. Like the myrtle, the weeper is crying for attention this time of year. If I were intending to place my house on the market, I’d use photos of my house during this short-lived explosion of color. It seems like the window of opportunity is about an hour and a half. Either a heatwave melts the blossoms to the ground, or heavy winds and torrential rains wash them away.

Lucky for all of us, I took the delightful picture above at JUST the right time. You’re very welcome.

It IS the most wonderful time of the year. No disrespect to winter, but seriously, it’s amazing. Color everywhere. Less layers of clothing required when outdoors. And mowing beats snow blowing EVERY day of the week, and only needs to be done once a week.


Spring has sprung!!!