Whys, Hows, and Other Lofty Considerations That Can Distract

If you’ve invested any time in looking at my artwork in any analytical manner, you’ve no doubt drawn a few conclusions, or possibly formulated a few questions. When having the privilege of speaking about my work to an audience, I’ve come to expect certain questions. “How do you come up with the concepts for your work?” “Are these really drawn using color pencil?” “Will you accept more than your asking price?” “Do you now, or have you ever used drugs?” “Were you dropped as a child?” It is possible one of these questions has yet to be asked, but I can dream.

One of the most-asked questions regards the time it takes to create my drawings. The answer is, “a LOT of time.” My drawing titled, “A Game Of Cat And Mouse,” for instance, took 350 hours. Patience, a love of the process, a good drawing table with a comfortable stool, and a complete disregard for a social life are all requirements for being a color pencil artist.

I’ve noticed how easily I can become distracted when trying to get my pencils in motion. Often deep questions will occupy my mind. This time of year, I spend a great deal of time considering the lilac. Not very masculine of me, I know. Don’t judge. My question, which I’ll ask God in person one day, is “Why does it only bloom once a year, and keep so poorly in a vase?” I LOVE the smell of these beauties. They even make mowing enjoyable. If anyone has advice as to how I can get this scent more readily available I welcome your assistance.

I also wonder “If hens can produce such colorful eggs as these, why do we let the white egg producing hens still have work?”

Or, “How did this natural wonder occur, and how hard would I have to push the upper half to make it fall.... and would I regret doing so if I decided to find out?”

Sometimes, I recall memories from my teaching career. Like the time I was working in my classroom and had my door to the outside open for fresh air, or for my son to deliver a Mountain Dew. Suddenly, I noticed I had a little visitor come see if I was working.

Instead of drawing, I might wonder how my little friend is doing today? I still find it disappointing that I was unable to lure the rodent into the hallway, where he could have added a bit of excitement to the school day.

Time to draw...