I think anniversaries can be a good thing, I just find it hard to believe what seems like a couple of months ago, was actually a year. Yes, 365 days ago I did something most men, I’d guess, anticipate and dread at the same time. I “gave” my daughter away.
I put a lot of thought into this moment. I’d known for some time that I’d be walking her down the same aisle I’ve walked hundreds of times, as the wedding occurred in the church my father pastored when I was a child, and is my home church today. Same pews, same lights... just left-right-left-right... I can do this. The only difference is that I’ll be making the trek in a penguin costume AND with one of my two treasured children on my arm.

Knowing this can be an emotional moment for a father was a concern. I wanted to reflect the joyous occasion with a smile of confidence and to allow the focus to be on the beautiful bride, not on her blubbering father. Imagine my glee when she informed me of the song she wanted to proceed with, “Gone, Gone, Gone” by Phillip Phillips! An unusual selection, but it has a lot of drum references in its lyrics, and a pretty cool beat. I was relieved when my daughter gave me permission to play an African djembe as I escorted her to the front of the church. My son liked the idea as well, and suggested a bowtie on the drum was needed. Nice touch.

The wedding was beautiful and thanks to the drum, dad was able to keep his emotions in check.

Congrats to Zoe and Brian on a glorious first year of marriage, with many more to follow! I love you both.