A year ago, I became a father in law. It is an honor to be sure. 356 days later my daughter provided me with yet another title. As with the wedding, I had many months to prepare, this time, to be a grandfather.

Perhaps I’ve been groomed for this all my life. I had two of the finest grandfathers one could ask for. One was a quiet, kind, hardworking fruit farmer with a gentle smile. The other, a humorous, articulate, outgoing pastor in the Catskill Mountains. They each, in their own way, made me feel significant and loved, and gave me characteristics to aspire to.

Years later, I watched my father assume the grandfather role. It was an amazing thing seeing the way he held my children for the first time when they were babies. It was as if there was no one else in the room as he studied their tiny faces.

Fast forward to Sept. 3, 2017, and it's my turn to hold my first grandchild. I had a ten hour drive to further prepare myself for the moment. I could not wait to meet MY baby’s baby. The occasion did not disappoint. My heart grew three sizes that day as I studied every detail of her precious little face.

I’m grateful my daughter and son in law remember to photograph key moments. The above photo is one I’ll continue to cherish for the rest of my days. From “Dad” to “Pops” in a heartbeat. I’ll never be the same.

Her name is Lorraine, and when she can speak mine will become Pops. Until then I’ll do the talking, most of the staring, and I’ll pretty much be goo. Wondering how Lorraine looks through the hole of a doughnut? Wonder no more.