Endless summer

If you are reading this message it must mean I successfully submitted my first ever blog and have lived to write another. My apologies.
I feel compelled to introduce myself in this space, but realize it would pretty much ensure I'd obtain a less than captive audience. Introductions are lists of facts, such as- what do I do for a living, what the make up of my family is, where I live...... Not the stuff that ignites excitement in an introduction unless the answers are, FBI spy, I have 33 children and all of them are professional athletes, and I live at the southern rim of Aristarchus (a crater on the moon, I looked it up).
I've decided to include introductory facts in small doses so you hardly know its occurring. This way you'll only have long blinks rather than being forced into a coma while reading my posts. You're very welcome.
I JUST retired from a brief third of a century stint as an art educator in the public school system. I was three years old the last time August did NOT mean a return to school was approaching. As a creature of habit I find I'm still having allergic reactions to Back To School ads. Don't misunderstand. I know of no better career than teaching. Its just that summer is wonderful. Ask the Beach Boys.
Truth be told, I'll miss witnessing the creative process unfolding from the hands of the students entrusted to me. It was a source of wonder in my life and inspired me to want to invest more of my own time and energy to creating. Kind of backwards, no?
I've been told blogs should be short, so I'll leave a sentence or two for my next entry.
Thanks for skimming!